Creative visualization and how it helps you succeed?

by Marija
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Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life.

There is nothing new, strange, or unusual about using your imagination to visualize your goals and your success. You already use it every day. Every minute, in fact. You just call it – “daydreaming”.

The positive mental images we conjure up in our mind, where we imagine seeing ourselves achieving something we only dared to dream of – these images set us up on the path to success. I’m sure you have heard plenty of times the line: beware of your thoughts, for they control your destiny? This is very true. In fact, thoughts are endowed with such a creative power that molds our life and attracts what we think about.

For example, if we think negatively about something and we are filled with judgments towards ourselves and others, our actions will follow our thoughts and we will get what we focused on. But if we turn things around and think positive thoughts and focus on our end goal by trying to visualize ourselves achieving it, we without a doubt will succeed.

Positive mental imagery has long been used by professional athletes to boost their strength, confidence, and results. How do you think they go to all these lengths if they cannot see themselves overcoming adversity on their path? Visualizing your goal and seeing yourself succeeding gives you all the power you need. Of course, just wishing for the goal won’t make it true unless you also work hard for it.


If we want to succeed, we first need to change how we think of ourselves

I can ('t) do it

The subconscious mind accepts the thoughts that you often repeat. When it accepts them, it changes your mindset accordingly, as well as your habits and actions.

If we think we are not cut out for something, that we cannot do something – we are right. If we think that something is within our grasp, we are also right. How?

Here is a great story of man named W. Clement Stone and his tale is a true tale of rags to riches.

Clement Stone was born in Chicago to an impoverished family. With only the support of his widowed mother, he managed to establish a multi-million dollar insurance company before he turned 20. Within 10 years he had 1,000 sales agents working for him, which led to the creation of his insurance empire. All of this allowed him to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to charitable causes.

Clement wasn’t born with a code different from you and me. The only difference is that he believed in himself and his potential to achieve great things. If he had doubted himself, if he was struggling with his self-image and thought that he wasn’t cut out for something, he would have stayed just where he was – in poverty, struggling each day to make a living. Instead, he believed that there was nothing he couldn’t do, that there was nothing he couldn’t achieve – he already saw himself few years down the line – successful and happy. So who could tell him that this was just a dream? After all, dreams do come true if we truly BELIEVE in them.

The problem that makes us fail before we even set out to do something is that we don’t think of ourselves as good enough. Most of us, at least. We get up, look at our reflection in the mirror, and we see so many faults. We cringe, we put ourselves down, we think we are no good. If we don’t think of ourselves as good enough, how can we expect to accomplish anything?

In order for us to realize the outcomes we desire, we first need to recreate our self-image and a good amount of that involves replacing negative thoughts of ourselves with the positive ones.

So next time you think of yourself as a procrastinator, daydreamer, slacker, or even something worse, think about how you are going to counteract that ineffective view of yourself and combat your own preconceived notions and turn them to positives.

Maybe it is time for you to truly look at yourself in the mirror and instead of voicing positive affirmations you don’t believe in, start voicing affirmations that will make you BELIEVE in yourself; that will make you put your affirmations to clear actions and then clear actions will make you be one step closer to your desired goal.

Remember Clement’s story and his message:

“Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be.”


So why not try? The ball is in your court.

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Katarina January 13, 2018 - 6:07 PM

I am currently reading the book “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter. Very instructive and interesting topic. We really have power within us and we are created to create 🙂 It’s been two years since I first met these things. My perception and beliefs have changed. Now I know what I’m capable of. Thank you so much for your website, means a lot ♥

marier001 January 13, 2018 - 11:40 PM

Thank you, Katarina, for those kind words and thank you for sharing this book title with me 🙂 I haven’t read it yet, so I’ll definitely put it on my next-to-read list 🙂


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