Fresh new start

by Marija
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There is a beauty in starting from scratch, wouldn’t you agree? No one will argue it isn’t a scary endeavor but is it worth it? Absolutely. 

I started blogging three years ago. It was a friend’s idea to get me to start writing down things that interest me in hope I would discover who I was, what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. Unfortunately, things I wrote about were not things that made me motivated or passionate, and most importantly, they didn’t make me follow through my set “goals”. Perhaps that is why most of the time I was not even motivated to write.

That was until a few days ago. I just finished writing something that really inspired me. I thought it would make for a great post. I saved it to publish it later and then, when I came back to it, I realized my whole blog was gone. Not a post – the whole website! Just gone! Now, have I checked my email for things non-work related, I would have been advised that my domain and hosting were about to expire and I would have taken precautions to avoid situation like this.

So now, there I was – left with options to start from scratch or spend lot of money to recover the last three years of blogging. I kept thinking: if I had to go back to writing about things I wasn’t passionate about, I’d probably stop blogging altogether. But with the new blog, I’d have ocean of possibilities to start afresh; wipe my slate clean and have a new beginning. And I took that leap!

What do I want to do with my blog now? What interests should I pursue? I dare you to stay with me and find out!

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